Drum Endorsements


Pearl craftsmanship is second to none.  Every drum I have tried has its own unique personality displaying amazing depth and tone.


Paiste is constantly pushing the envelope of what is possible in a cymbal.  Each line brings a new range of sounds which is what I need as a studio drummer.


Innovative Percussion simply makes great sticks.  They feel great in my hands, have incredible balance, and take a beating like none other.  What more could a drummer ask for?


I have always loved the way Remo heads sound.  Ambassadors were the first drum heads that I ever played and you will still find them on my drums. However, with the shear variety of different heads Remo now makes, I have an endless palette with which to create.


Kickport is such a simple concept that it is hard to believe what a difference it can make.  Try it!  You will immediately hear how much more bottom end and punch your drums will have when you put the Kickport in.  


The Snareweight is brilliant and I bring their products to every session or gig I have.  It is so easy to use and super quick to swap different dampening versions in and out.  It only takes seconds to completely change the character of my drum with a whole range of choices.

Other Endorsements


Heil makes amazing dynamic microphones perfect for most drumming applications.  The BW31 has an unbelievable rear rejection that helps keep the cymbals out of the toms and allows an engineer to get far more separation than with other microphones.


I own many different sets of in-ear monitors, but 64Audio are by far the best I have ever heard.  I use them in the studio, on live gigs, on an airplane, and even when I am exercising.  They sound great and the fit is so comfortable, that I can wear them for hours on end with no fatigue whatsoever.