Drum Gear

Pearl Masterworks Custom Kit


Description: Custom designed Pearl Masterworks Kit (Mix of Birch, Maple and Mahogany)

22x18    Kick
24x18    Kick
10x9      Rack Tom
12x9      Rack Tom
14x10    Rack Tom
14x14    Floor Tom
16x16    Floor Tom
18x16    Floor Tom

Pearl Birch Kit (Modern)


Description: Pearl Birch Kit-Modern Pop Rock Sound Great from Live or Recording

22x18    Kick
10x8      Rack Tom
12x9      Rack Tom
14x14    Floor Tom
16x14    Floor Tom

1971 Ludwig Kit (Vintage)


1971 Vintage Ludwig Kit  

28 x14 Massive Kick
13x9 Rack Tom
14x10 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
18x16 Floor Tom

This Kit is huge and has a darker "vintage rock" sound. Great for that "British" vibe or as an alternative to the Pop/Rock Pearl Kit

1951 Gretsch Kit (Vintage)


1951 Vintage Gretsch Kit

22 x14 Kick
13 x10 Rack Tom
16 x16 Floor Tom

This Kit has a classic old style Gretsch sound. Great for that "British" vibe, Motown, or as an alternative to the Pop/Rock Pearl Kit

Yamaha 1980's Recording Series-Birch


1989 Birch Recording Series Kit

22 x16 Kick
10 x10 Rack Tom
12 x10 Rack Tom
14 x14 Floor Tom

This kit has a warmer sound which is enhanced by the coated Emperor drum heads.  Great for Pop or Jazz

Snare Drums: Custom, New & Vintage


  • Pearl Masterworks 14 x 8 8 ply Birch/Maple
  • Pearl Free Floating 14 x 3.5 (Brass) Pearl Free Floating 14 x 8 (Brass)
  • Pearl Sensitone Maple 14 x 6.5
  • Pearl Sensitone Steel 14x5
  • Pearl 14 x 5 Steel (1975)
  • Ayotte 14 x 6.5 Maple wood hoops
  • Clevelander 14 x 5, 1/2" Solid Brass shell (40 lbs)
  • Clevelander 14 x 6.5 Birch 
  • DW 10 x 6 Piccolo Snare
  • Gretsch 14 x 5 Hammered Steel Prototype
  • Gretsch 14 x 5 Prototype (Bamboo)
  • Gretsch 12 x 3.5 Steam Bent Mahogany (Maple)
  • Keplinger 14 x 7 Steel snare
  • Legend 14 x 5 (Maple)
  • Longo 14 x 6 Steam Bent (Walnut) 
  • Ludwig Black Beauty 14x5.5 (Brass) 
  • Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 (Brass)
  • Ludwig Supraphonic 14x6.5 Ludaloy (Bonham model)
  • Ludwig Vintage 1959 14x5 Transition Badge
  • Noble & Cooley Classic 14x5 Steam Bent (Maple) 
  • Noble & Cooley Classic 14x3.5 Steam Bent (Maple) 
  • Orange County Drum & Perc 14 x 5.5 (Maple) 20 ply with 2 inch holes around the shell---very cool
  • Outlaw 14 x 7 (Heart Pine) Repurposed from a house built in the 1880's
  • Parra 14 x 6.5 Custom Puy Wood with Wood/Hybrid Hoops (Super Phat)
  • Tama Lars Ulrich Model 14x6.5
  • Yamaha Recording Custom 14 x 6.5 (Birch) 

Studio Gear

Music Gear:


Digital Audio Hardware:

ProTools HDX
Lynx Aurora 16
Vestax QFO Turntable

Mic Preamps:


A Designs-Montessi “blue”
API 3124M+ (4 Preamps)
BAE Vintage API 312
Chandler LTD-1
Crane Song Flamingo
Fink Audio CS2-FA
GML 8300 (4 Preamps)
Grace Design m501
Helios type 69 Pre/Eq’s (4 Preamps) Radial Power Pre (2 Preamps)
Universal Audio 6176 (Channel Strip)

Outboard Gear:


A Designs EM-PEQ (Pultec)
Anamod AM660 Fairchild Comp (2)
API 550b Eq (6) and 560b Eq (2)
Chandler LTD-1 Channel Strip
Distressor EL8X Compressor
Elysia XFilter 500 Eq
Fink Audio Channel Strip (2)-1176/Pultec
GML 8200 Eq (2)
Harrison 32Eq (2)
Helios type 69 Pre/Eq’s (4 Eq's)
SPL Transient Designer (4)
Universal Audio Channel Strip 1176 Comp



Heil PR20
Heil BW31 (5)
Heil PR22
Geffell 930 (2)
Neumann 184 (2)
Mojave M200 (2)
Placid Audio Copperphone
Shure Beta 52
Beta 57
SM 57 (4)
KSM 32 (3)
KSM 137
Yamaha Sub Kick
Senheisser e905 (2)
Rode NT-5 (2)
Blue Woodpecker (2)
Sony ECM50
Audix i5
Cascade FAT Head II (2)



Slate Everything Bundle
Waves Gold, SSL, Vintage, One Knob, Kramer, Maserati, Puig, Scheps

Soundtoys Complete Bundle

Native Instruments
Plugin Alliance-Maag Eq, BX, Elysia, SPL, Noveltech, Lindell

Drum Buss

Soft Tube

Trillium Labs
SPL Transient Designer Plus
Bomb Factory
Universal Audio LA2A/1176

Wilkinson Audio Debleeder
Auto Tune
Sound Replacer
Komplete 10
Stylus RMX
Vienna Percusion
Reason Etc......